The mission of the APIMSF is to improve quality patient care through education, research, innovation and leadership, principally in military surgery.


Welcome to APIMSF

Prof. Dr. Kenan Yusif-zade, President of APIMSF (2017-2019)


• Military Surgery

• Vascular Surgery  

• Emergency Surgery   

• Acute Care Surgery

• Trauma and Disaster Medicine

• Trauma Systems and Quality of Care       

 • Global Surgery Delivery  

 • Thoracic surgery 

 • Endoscopic surgery

 • Surgical Education and  Simulation

 • Intensive Care Medicine       

 • New technologies in surgery

It is my honor and privilege to serve as 2017/19 President of this prestigious organization, representing our members around the globe. APIMSF began with a small group of visionaries who recognized the importance of the military surgery of the modern troubled world. It was the surgical organization to embrace and disseminate military surgery and quickly became popular for survival and safety of injured patients as well as military staff and civil citizens in undergoing war, bombing, terroristic attacks etc.